Project: OPERA


The Osteopathic Practitioners Estimates and RAtes (OPERA) project is an internationally-based census project dedicated to quantify the osteopathic reality. It fulfils the need of the international community to obtain an up-to-date scenario regarding the geo-distribution, prevalence, incidence and profile of osteopaths in Europe.
The OPERA study has already been conducted in Europe, specifically in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and in Italy and currently carried out in Spain and Andorra as well as planned in Portugal. A follow-up census has been already planned in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
To the best of our knowledge, there is lack of census in Europe and the International Osteopathic Research Network within the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA), makes it a top priority “to compile evidence about scope of practice in osteopathy worldwide”. Therefore, the OPERA project will fulfil this long-lasting need with the general objective to describe the European osteopathic population.

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