Refund or Cancellation Policy


The Non-Profit Foundation provides through its website different services for interested users.

Users can pay through our website services, such as membership registration fees, event, training, congress, webinar registration, charity gifts, as well as make voluntary donations.

With reference to the donation, it is not possible to ask a money refund. In case the user will buy a charity gift (such as books, t-shirt and other products) it is possible to ask for a return if the product received after the donation does not match the description reported on the web site or is damaged. in this case the product can be replaced with another of equal value according to availability. The user can ask for a return by writing an email to within 14 days since the on line order.

With reference to the services related the events registration, the Cancellation Policy depends on the type of events the Foundation is promoting. Users and registrants can find it into the related web pages of COME’s official web site.

For further information, write to:

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