National centres (NACE)

The COME National Centres (NACE) are the local (national) appendices of the foundation and are one of the core components of the Collaboration. NACE have specific competences and pursue, within the national territory, the following general objectives:

  • spread and promote the foundation's activities
  • create collaborations and synergies  with public and private institutions to increase the diffusion of osteopathic practice and the development of osteopathic research
  • raise funds to sustain national and international COME projects


COME National Centre (NACE)

(Updated on April 2019)

  1. Italy

  2. Belgium

  3. The Netherlands

  4. Spain

  5. Canada

  6. Gulf

  7. Germany

  8. France 

  9. Austria

  10. Portugal


To get involved with NACE projects or to open a new NACE, contact us at or visit our Getting involved page.