Objectives and target groups

General Objectives

The general objectives of COME are to:

  1. ESTABLISH international-based, multi-disciplinary and multi-center osteopathic research

  2. INNOVATE/ADVANCE the scientific and technological underpinnings of the osteopathic health care practice

  3. DEVELOP/ELABORATE national and international multi-center scientific projects, leading to publications

  4. RAISE awareness in the public and osteopathic community about the scientific objectives of the profession by organizing postgraduate training courses, conferences and events

  5. PROMOTE the osteopathic profession and the benefit of integrating osteopathy within National Health Services

  6. ENCOURAGE the professional field to generate new ideas for establishing new research projects

  7. EMBRACE partners in the process of research and innovation

Specific goals include:

  • to create partnerships with specialists in different medical and non-medical fields to generate hypotheses about physiological mechanisms in osteopathic care

  • to critically evaluate research projects and summarize evidence on the efficacy and effectiveness of osteopathy

  • to translate scientific results from bench to clinical osteopathic care

  • to seek for funds necessary for the implementation of scientific projects

  • to offer advice and give logistic support within the profession for the purpose of high quality scientific research

Specific objectives for each COME target group

1. Osteopathic trainees

  • COME wants to give practical assistance and guidance to the scientific training of osteopaths.

  • COME plans to inform osteopathic trainees about relevant publications

  • COME intends to give trainees the possibility to assist and participate in research projects in the context of their graduation.

  • COME means to support the trainees to cooperate with other organisations being engaged in their field of expertise.

2. Osteopaths

  • COME intends to organise postgraduate training courses and conferences.

  • COME purposes to inform osteopaths about scientific publications in the field of the osteopathic profession or other which might be important for the profession.

  • COME intends to strive for Quality Management and Quality Extension within the work area by supporting the scientific underpinnings of the profession.

3. Third Parties

  • COME intends to promote osteopathy to third parties and wants to translate major publications to the public.

  • COME plans to support and advise the promotion of the osteopathic profession by third parties.

  • COME attempts to establish collaboration with third parties in order to create scientific and cultural advances

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