"We are commended to produce the most compelling and high quality research."

    Research is the key part of the Collaboration. Our structure is tailored to create, realize, manage and monitor research project. Innovation and high standards play an essential role to develop an increasing cross-disciplinary cooperation.

    Our Research Division aims to plan, conduct, publish high quality research ranging from lab research to clinical-based research. Within the research division, the translational research team makes the effort to correlate lab findings with clinical-based results.

    The Division oversees all scientific activities of the foundation, analyses the scientific market, elaborates innovative ideas, manages research projects and controls scientific processes to deliver high-quality multidisciplinary studies. Several departments are part of it.

    Collaboration is the key word both within the foundation’s departments and with external partners
    such as universities and private institutions to seek for scientific innovation.

    Members involved include research fellows, PhD, clinical-research fellow and all those professionals who will to be involved in research.

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