Project: CAMEO


Clinical Measurements and Effectiveness in Osteopathy (CAMEO) project.
To date the clinical effectiveness of osteopathy remains elusive. Very few medical areas have been sufficiently explored, producing consistent data.
The aim of the CAMEO project is to shed light on the clinical application of osteopathy. This can be achieved using different strategies:
1) developing ad-hoc clinical measurements and tools;
2) measuring the effectiveness of osteopathy in different medical fields;
3) summarizing the evidence using high quality standard methods.
The ultimate goal of this international, multi-disciplinary project is to show where the osteopathic manipulative treatment is effective, where is complementary and where is not effective. This, in turn, can produce a better understanding of which fields need to be explored more, where resources have to be located and how health care policymakers can benefit of an evidence-based “osteopathic” medicine.

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