Project: COSMOS


For almost 150 years, osteopathy has founded its activities on the role of somatic dysfunction in the equilibrium of the human health/disease status. In the past 15 years, however, clinical and experimental studies have provided only few evidence for the involvement of somatic dysfunction in health and disease.
Crucially, several lines of evidence, mainly derived from clinical observations, suggest that the somatic dysfunction has an influence on the patients. Nevertheless, observations from anatomical, physiological, bench and evidence-based studies cast about the underpinning mechanisms and role of somatic dysfunction.
The Consensus On SoMatic dysfunction in Osteopathy (COSMOS) project, therefore, aims to:
1) review the concept of somatic dysfunction;
2) unravel the enigmatic role or influence of the somatic dysfunction in osteopathic practice;
3) produce compelling evidence of the somatic dysfunction biological compounds;
4) share and disseminate results to improve quality of practice.
To this end the project involves the most influential experts and institutions worldwide.

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