COME recognises the importance of continuous training, in particular for our members. This is the main reason for giving a fantastic opportunity to be always up-to-date with a science-based approach. 

Our choice is COME to SCIENCE, that is: WEBINARS, COURSES and TRAINING EVENTS with leading researchers and scientists.

Our offers are:

  • #freefriday events allow COME members to participate for FREE
  • COME Vauchers (that allow COME members to benefit of a discount percentage)


COME is a vibrant community looking at the future and thus to technology. Thanks to our partnerships with the giants of technology (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Adobe) we can benefit of several advantages. 

Some examples are:

  • Office package standard (~30€/year)
  • Skype Professional (~ 5€/year)

Should you have further information, please send an email to



The annual international event of the Foundation where COME members can discuss, interact, plan and critically look at the future.

The reason for QUANTUM

From a physics standpoint, quantum means the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.
When interactions between pairs or groups of particles occur, the quantum state of each particle changes and they cannot be described independently by each other anymore although separated by a large distance.
This condition produces what is called Quantum entanglement: a quantum state where the system is considered as a whole. Working together.
This leads to correlations between systems, and as we are independent systems that can experience moments through different events, Quantum is the space and the channel through which we can establish interactions and create the link that can produce coherence and resonance. The result is an intimate but independent collaboration and cohesion that opens doors for sharing existence.


COME members can benefit of being part of all research activities within the Foundation.

Check out our projects and ask!

Life experiences

Life is an ongoing experience. This is the main reason for creating special events and opportunities for COME members.

The collaboration with our partner institutions all around the globe can give to the COME members a unique, once-in-a-life chance. Indeed COMErs can have the privilege to participate to:

  • institutional exchanges
  • charity mission in developing countries

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