New perspective for pain control in neonates: a comparative effectiveness research

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Authors: I. Bresesti, G. Vanzù, F. Redaelli, I. Daniele, GV. Zuccotti, F. Cerritelli, G. Lista & V. Fabiano
Journal: Journal of Perinatology



To compare sucrose 24% oral gel formulation to liquid formula and breastfeeding during a heel prick in neonates.

Study design

In this comparative effectiveness research 195 neonates >36 weeks’ gestation were randomised to three groups, receiving during heel stick: (i) breastfeeding, (ii) sucrose 24% liquid with non-nutritive sucking and (iii) sucrose 24% gel with non-nutritive sucking. The pain was assessed through the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale.


All the methods analysed has shown to be effective in reducing pain. There was an increase in odds of pain following liquid sucrose compared to breastfeeding (OR = 1.60; 95% CI: 0.82–3.3; p = 0.17). A reduction of odds of pain was showed comparing sucrose to breastfeeding (OR = 0.78; 0.38–1.6; 0.48), and comparing sucrose gel to liquid formula (OR = 0.48; 0.23–0.96; p = 0.04).


Sucrose 24% gel with non-nutritive sucking seems to be a valid alternative when breastfeeding is not possible. Further research is needed.

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