Patrick van Dun

Patrick van Dun has a private practice as an osteopath in Mechelen (Belgium) and Habichtswald (Germany).

He is a Board of Trustees member of the Centre for Osteopathic MEdicine Collaboration (COME), Pescara (Italy) and chair of the National Centre Belgium of COME Collaboration. He is the chair and co-founder of the Commission for Osteopathic Research, Practice and Promotion vzw (CORPP), a non-profit organisation that promotes osteopathic scientific research in Belgium, and member of the Research Committee of Osteopathy Europe.

Patrick got his MSc degree in Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy at the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium in 1989 and completed his osteopathy studies at COC, organised at the Free University of Brussels, in 1993.

He has a broad interest in osteopathic research but in recent years he has been focussing on osteopathic professional identity, the practice characteristics of European osteopaths (Osteopathic Practitioners, Estimates and Rates, OPERA-project) and the Health Economic Value of Osteopathy (HEVO-project).


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