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Time is priceless. A conspicuous number of practitioners, researchers and other specialists are volunteering their time and skills to work on this amazing global project. Some of us can afford to donate time, others may prefer to make a financial contribution. All are vital to our purposes.

Users of healthcare information need to know that it is free from bias or self-interest. As an independent healthcare research non-for-profit foundation we have strict rules for allowing for-profit organisations to fund the COME Collaboration; but this independence comes at a cost. That is why we need your support.

How to donate

We want donating to be simple, and, so far as possible, tax-effective. We have set up an account called ‘COME Collaboration Foundation' to receive donations. The following methods are recommended:

By secure internet donation


By other methods

By bank transfer

Name: C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus

Viale A. Vespucci, 188 - 65126 Pescara

Taxpayer code: 91128450680

IBAN: IT24E0501803200000012315180


details: "research project donation" or "donation for increasing the asset"

By cheque/chek
Send a cheque payable to ‘C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus’ to:

The registered office
C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus
Via Vespucci, 188 - 65126 Pescara

By other methods
If you would like to make a donation in some other way, i.e. by making a bequest in your will, please contact us:

The registered office
C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus
Via A. Vespucci, 188 - 65126 Pescara

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