COME Collaboration general mission:

"We believe that the knowledge shared through experiences and skills helps to have an independent thought creating hope and genuine solidarity"


“COME's mission is to play a role in international osteopathic research in order to improve clinical practice"

  1. We believe in multidisciplinary teamwork

COME believes that the effectiveness in the improvement of the health system must be based on multidisciplinarity and the collaboration established between researchers, clinicians, patients and collaborators.

COME projects are produced and at the same time are relevant to anyone interested in the effects of Osteopathy on health. Based on the best evidence in the literature, clinicians can decide how to optimize patient approach strategies. And in the same way, patients can assess the potential risks and benefits of osteopathic treatment.

  1. We are independent

We are a non-profit, independent organization, financed with various modalities including institutional and personal donations.

  1. We are committed to a comprehensive collaboration

In addition to our mission to produce high quality research, our members are involved in other activities such as discussions about the improvement of clinical practice, in the professional development of Osteopathy in Spain or in the development of new technologies.

In addition, we believe in the dissemination of information, which is why we take care of translating the most relevant information from English or other languages ​​into Spanish.

Every year we organize a conference called 'Quantum', open to any professional who wants to be part of the Foundation. 'Quantum' have the purpose of bringing together all professionals to share, discuss, develop and promote the work of the Foundation, thank our members and optimize the lines of work of the Foundation.



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