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Do empathic osteopaths achieve better clinical results? An observational feasibility study

Empathy plays a role in medical care. Studies have showed that higher empathy levels of physicians correlates with better patient... continue reading

Effect of osteopathic treatment on a scar assessed by thermal infrared camera, pilot study

Scar formation is influenced by mechanical forces and may generate mechanical tension. Scars induce a temperature difference in the body... continue reading

High-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation (HVLA) does not alter three-dimensional position of sacroiliac joint in healthy men: A quasi-experimental study

The impact of high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulations on the behavior of sacroiliac joint (SIJ) mobility in individuals submitted to an... continue reading

Immediate effects and associations between interoceptive accuracy and range of motion after a HVLA thrust on the thoracolumbar junction: A randomised controlled trial

There is paucity in the literature regarding the role of interoceptive accuracy (IAc) at predicting the effectiveness of osteopathic techniques... continue reading

Effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on patients with multiple sclerosis: A pilot study

The objective of this study was to describe the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment in patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis... continue reading

Stress axis and osteopathy: A dual hormone approach

This review revisits the function of the HPA axis in pain and inflammation, presents a dual hormone approach in measuring... continue reading

COME Research

Cynefin Framework for Evidence-Informed Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making

Osteopathy (manipulative care provided by foreign-trained osteopaths) emphasizes manual techniques as the cornerstone of patient care. Although osteopathic medicine has... continue reading


QUANTUM Global 2019


Allostasis: the essence of clinical practice continue reading

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