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Timing of oral feeding changes in premature infants who underwent osteopathic manipulative treatment

The delayed transition from gavage-to-nipple feeding is one of the most significant factors that may prolong hospital length of stay... continue reading

Complementing or conflicting? A qualitative study of osteopaths’ perceptions of NICE low back pain and sciatica guidelines in the UK

Clinical practice guidelines have been developed to improve standards of healthcare delivery and are associated with better clinical outcomes. In... continue reading

Correlation Between Physiologic and Osteopathic Measures of Sympathetic Activity in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormone disorder that affects the reproductive, metabolic, and psychological health of reproductive-aged females,... continue reading

Patient satisfaction and perception of treatment in a student-led osteopathy teaching clinic: Evaluating questionnaire dimensionality and internal structure, and outcomes

The aim of the study was to evaluate patient satisfaction with, and perception of their, osteopathy treatment. A secondary aim... continue reading

Improvements in multi-dimensional measures of dysfunctional breathing in asthma patients after a combined manual therapy and breathing retraining protocol: a case series report

Dysfunctional breathing (DB), which is present in 30–65% of asthmatics, can contribute to increased levels of dyspnea and non-respiratory symptoms... continue reading

Immediate effect of T2, T5, T11 thoracic spine manipulation of asymptomatic patient on autonomic nervous system response: Single-blind, parallel-arm controlled-group experiment

The purpose of this study was to investigate the immediate effect of thoracic spinal manipulation on autonomic nervous system targeting... continue reading

COME Research

The Italian Osteopathic Practitioners Estimates and RAtes (OPERA) study: A cross sectional survey

 continue reading

An overview of osteopathy graduates’ perceived preparedness at transition from educational environment to clinic environment one year after graduation: a cross sectional study

 continue reading

Attitudes, skills and use of evidence-based practice among UK osteopaths: a national cross-sectional survey

 continue reading


Prise en charge des douleurs chroniques: concepts émergents et pluridisciplinarité

IdHEO organise en collaboration avec l’Université de Nantes, le 12ème Symposium International Ostéopathique de Nantes. Celui-ci se déroulera les 15... continue reading

QUANTUM Global 2019


Allostasis: the essence of clinical practice continue reading

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