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The beliefs and attitudes of UK registered osteopaths towards chronic pain and the management of chronic pain sufferers – A cross-sectional questionnaire based survey

This study investigated the beliefs and attitudes of UK registered osteopaths towards chronic pain and the management of chronic pain... continue reading

Diagnosis and Management of Piriformis Syndrome: An Osteopathic Approach

Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular condition characterized by hip and buttock pain. This syndrome is often overlooked in clinical settings... continue reading

Is digital image correlation able to detect any mechanical effect of cranial osteopathic manipulation? – A preliminary study

Today there is still a controversy surrounding the existence of mobility between the bones of the skull, the foundation on... continue reading

UK trained osteopaths’ relationship to evidence based practice – An analysis of influencing factors

Use of evidence based practice (EBP) remains controversial amongst UK osteopaths and developing an understanding of factors that influence EBP... continue reading

Identification of prognostic factors and assessment methods on the evaluation of non-specific low back pain in a biopsychosocial environment: A scoping review

This review lists biopsychosocial factors and assessment methods to use with non-specific low back pain … ABSTRACT continue reading

Frontiers in fascia research

Basic sciences are the backbone of every clear understanding of how the body is composed and how different structures and... continue reading


QUANTUM Global 2019


Allostasis: the essence of clinical practice continue reading

PRESS Release_QUANTUM General 2018_Dubai

QUANTUM GLOBAL 2018 – DUBAI, Arab United Emirates
The Global Conference of the Foundation COME Collaboration in partnership with Emirates... continue reading

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