"The mission of COME is to play a key role in international osteopathic research and health care practice."

We believe in multidisciplinary equal partnerships

COME believes that effective health care is based on multidisciplinary equal partnerships between provider, researcher, practitioner and patient.

COME projects are unique because they are both produced by, and are relevant to, everyone interested in the effects of osteopathic health care. Based on the best available evidence, healthcare providers can decide if they should optimise health care strategies. Practitioners can find out if an intervention is effective in a specific clinical context. Patients and other healthcare consumers can assess the potential risks and benefits of osteopathic treatments.

We are independent

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation, funded by a variety of sources including personal donations.

We advocate integrative collaboration

In addition to our core mission of producing high quality scientific research, our members are involved in a number of related activities, including advocacy for health-care decision-making, delivering clinical-based treatments, developing new technologies,

We also want to make information available to the broadest community by translating them from English into a variety of different languages and vice versa.

We hold annual conferences, called ‘Quantum’, which are open to everyone. Quanta are designed to bring people together in one place to share, discuss, develop and promote our work, acknowledge members and to shape the organisation’s future direction.