High-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation (HVLA) does not alter three-dimensional position of sacroiliac joint in healthy men: A quasi-experimental study

The impact of high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulations on the behavior of sacroiliac joint (SIJ) mobility in individuals submitted to an osteopathic intervention has not been sufficiently investigated. Furthermore, there is no standard agreement on the description of the acute effects of HLVA with regards to the mobility of the SIJ through three-dimensional motion analysis. The […]

Effect of Osteopathic Obstetrical Management on the Duration of Labor in the Inpatient Setting: A Prospective Study and Literature Review

Several studies have investigated the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) on labor duration, but the outcomes remain ambiguous. Confounding the relationship between OMT and labor duration is the lack of standardization between treatment settings, gestational ages at the time of treatment, OMT techniques, and overall obstetrical management principles from foundational and modern osteopathic approaches. […]

Osteopathic Cranial Manipulative Medicine and the Blood-Brain Barrier: A Mechanistic Approach to Alzheimer Prevention

Recent studies have demonstrated that blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction may be implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease, thus establishing a link between disease manifestation and compromised neurovasculature. The authors identify relationships between Alzheimer disease and BBB breakdown, the response of the BBB to increased cerebral blood flow and shear stress, and the impact of […]

Cynefin Framework for Evidence-Informed Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making

Osteopathy (manipulative care provided by foreign-trained osteopaths) emphasizes manual techniques as the cornerstone of patient care. Although osteopathic medicine has been well integrated into traditional health care systems in the United States, little is known about the role of osteopathy in traditional health care systems outside the United States. Therefore, it is incumbent on the […]

Manual therapy for the pediatric population: a systematic review

This systematic review evaluates the use of manual therapy for clinical conditions in the pediatric population, assesses the methodological quality of the studies found, and synthesizes findings based on health condition. We also assessed the reporting of adverse events within the included studies and compared our conclusions to those of the UK Update report … […]

Cerebral Perfusion Changes After Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: A Randomized Manual Placebo-Controlled Trial

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a therapeutic approach aimed at enhancing the body’s self-regulation focusing on somatic dysfunctions correction. Despite evidence of OMT effectiveness, the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms, as well as blood perfusion effects, are still poorly understood. The study aim was to address OMT effects on cerebral blood flow (CBF) in asymptomatic young volunteers […]

Refining the biopsychosocial model for musculoskeletal practice by introducing religion and spirituality dimensions into the clinical scenario

Addressing religion and spirituality (R/S) dimensions may be uncomfortable for patients and practitioners because they refer to intimate beliefs about existence, vary across the globe and cultures, and are not routinely shared in the modern therapeutic scenario. Often, R/S dimensions are overlooked in musculoskeletal (MSK) practice despite associations with attitudes and behaviour that directly affect […]

Patient experience, satisfaction, perception and expectation of osteopathic manipulative treatment: A systematic review

Patient experience, satisfaction, perception and expectation are some related measures valued by patient-centered health care. Patient experience (PE) usually refers to objective, observable events or facts; while patient satisfaction, perception and expectation (PS) are measures which focus on a patient’s subjective evaluation of the health care process. These concepts have been studied in osteopathic manipulative […]