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PRESS Release_QUANTUM General 2018_Dubai

QUANTUM GLOBAL 2018 – DUBAI, Arab United Emirates The Global Conference of the Foundation COME Collaboration in partnership with Emirates Osteopathic Society and Osteopathic International Alliance. Dubai, 29 September 2018 PressRelease_Dubai

Gerard Alvarez at ATSU

Congratulations to Gerard Alvarez D.O. – director of NACE SPAIN – who has won the call of C.O.ME. Collaboration for the 2018 Fellowship at ATSU in June. Gerard will spend 2 months working “elbow-to-elbow” with the leading researchers in osteopathy.

Portugal – the new frontiers for COME

COME Collaboration has signed an important Memorandum of Understanding with Piaget Institute – an Higher Education/University in Portugal – which will allow COME to work in close partnership with one of the leading osteopathic education institutions in Portugal. It is a great honour for COME to announce this collaboration, which create put the basis for […]

Physical inactivity is associated with narrower lumbar intervertebral discs, high-fat content of paraspinal muscles and low back pain and disability

Although physical inactivity has been associated with numerous chronic musculoskeletal complaints, few studies have examined its associations with spinal structures. Moreover, previously reported associations between physical activity and low back pain are conflicting. This study examined the associations between physical inactivity and intervertebral disc height, paraspinal fat content and low back pain and disability … […]

Transitions in Osteopathic Medical Education

Health care in the United States has become an extremely complex maze. The era of a generalist opening a practice in a small town is ending as payment systems and quality- and value-based care models emerge. The health care workforce is changing to meet these demands as nonphysician and lower cost providers increasingly enter the […]