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PRESS Release_QUANTUM General 2018_Dubai

QUANTUM GLOBAL 2018 – DUBAI, Arab United Emirates The Global Conference of the Foundation COME Collaboration in partnership with Emirates Osteopathic Society and Osteopathic International Alliance. Dubai, 29 September 2018 PressRelease_Dubai

Gerard Alvarez at ATSU

Congratulations to Gerard Alvarez D.O. – director of NACE SPAIN – who has won the call of C.O.ME. Collaboration for the 2018 Fellowship at ATSU in June. Gerard will spend 2 months working “elbow-to-elbow” with the leading researchers in osteopathy.

Portugal – the new frontiers for COME

COME Collaboration has signed an important Memorandum of Understanding with Piaget Institute – an Higher Education/University in Portugal – which will allow COME to work in close partnership with one of the leading osteopathic education institutions in Portugal. It is a great honour for COME to announce this collaboration, which create put the basis for […]